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Gun Flashlight

Edit:PowerTac Lighting Electronics Co.,Ltd      Date:May 25, 2017

The first gun-type flashlight appeared in 1956. Gun-type flashlight is the use of special gun clamp electric fixed on the gun equipment, thus liberating people's hands, so that users better control weapons. Most gun-type flashlights have a power control line to control the flashlight, and the gun user controls the flashlight with the control line handy. Typically, guns that use gun-type flashlights include rifles, shotguns, carbine, and, of course, some pistols.

In price, a gun-type flashlight is usually more expensive than a handheld flashlight, because a gun-type flashlight needs to withstand the strength of a gun, and its structural design and raw materials are better than hand-held flashlights.

Because the gun-type flashlight is fixed on the gun, the gun moves along with the flashlight's light, which is not as flexible as a handheld flashlight.

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