Powertac USA, Inc. and Viper Holsters Partner Up Powertac USA, Inc. and Viper Holsters Partner Up Custom Holsters for the Powertac Marksman Light / Laser Combo by Viper Holsters.
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Powertac USA, Inc. and Viper Holsters Partner Up

Powertac USA, Inc. and Viper Holsters Partner Up

In the May 2017 issue of American Handgunner editor-in-chief Roy Huntington, praised Viper Holsters for their superior design and flawless execution. However, the radical concept of using a military style complete battle belt setup for home defense was what really got his attention. Getting up in the middle of the night to respond to a threat has always presented the dilemma of how to carry the necessary gear such as an extra magazine, flashlight and holster.

The Viper Threat Response Kit comes equipped with a military/LEO grade chassis style dropped holster with Level II mechanical retention. It also includes three high quality competition grade extra magazine carriers, a custom Kydex flashlight carrier, a Powertac E5 flashlight and a K-Bar TDI knife. The Viper Threat Response Kit is a comprehensive and completely integrated solution that provides the ability for the home owner, business owner or executive, to instantly gear up for a prepared level of response to a deadly threat. In one motion, the belt is on and all of the necessary equipment is readily accessible without the need to immediately encumber the hands with a handgun. The Viper Threat Response Kit can be further customized with a basic medical blowout kit, an AR magazine carrier, dump bag or other preferred kit. This high quality battle belt rig can be worn over any type of clothing. It secures in seconds and can also be equipped with suspenders for additional support.

In their search for the ultimate flashlight for this rig, Viper Holsters tested many different brands and ultimately formed a strategic alliance with James Rath, the new head of Powertac Lights. James worked with Viper to integrate the best possible solution with a wide range of performance levels, intuitive controls, maximum lumens and superior run times. Feature for feature, the Powertac Lights exceed anything in the industry and their lights are backed by an exceptional lifetime warranty, which is a key factor in abusive environments. Viper Holsters owner Joe Piazza has his own special test protocol which involves throwing the flashlight into the washing machine for a few rounds and has found many other expensive lights will not go the distance. “Powertac lights combine excellent, cutting edge technology with bullet proof design which is what you need when your life depends on it,” says Piazza.

Powertac and Viper Holsters also collaborated on the design of an exceptional pistol light/laser combo unit. By approaching the design from the external footprint, the holster size is minimized while the fragility of big winged switches is eliminated. The Powertac Marksman utilizes the superior green laser to achieve the perfect balance of 550 lumens and diffusion geometry. The Marksman is constructed of an aircraft aluminum housing in the smallest footprint in the industry. Tough, compact, fast, and backed by a lifetime warranty, pistol lights don’t get any better than the Powertac Marksman.

Powertac and Viper Holsters are a fearsome collaboration looking at two different industries in radical new ways. The release of the Powertac Marksman was accompanied by the custom designed Viper Holsters solutions for every mode of carry. This is an alliance with much more to come.

About Powertac Flashlights Powertac manufacturers premium flashlights with powerful and tactical features. Powertac’s goal is to provide a portable lighting device built to withstand mission critical applications as well as the everyday use of consumers. www.powertac.com

About Viper Holsters Originally a custom holster supplier to Special Forces and Elite Teams, Viper Holsters brought its military innovation into the civilian and competition market. Viper Holsters is proud to be celebrating their sixth year of sales to civilian consumers. www.viperholsters.com

Article Posted: 10/18/2017 04:48:15 AM

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