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Informational Articles

Powertac Warrior: The Best Law Enforcement Flashlight

Why the Powertac Warrior is the Best Law Enforcement Flashlight on the market. Being a law enforcement officer these days is an especially tough and thankless job. Officers need to carry a variety of tools to perform their duties but what if you're an officer, what tool do you use the most? Handcuffs? Knife? Gun? Chances are it's your flashlight.

Article Posted: 10/30/2017 04:41:19 PM

The Importance of Keeping a Premium Flashlight in Your Vehicle

There are several practical items you should keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency and one of the most important tools is a quality flashlight. If you don't already carry a flashlight every day. While most people have a flashlight on their smartphone, you wouldn't want to use it for an extended period and risk draining your battery if you're in an emergency situation. Additionally, if you drop it, you may lose your light source. Keeping a flashlight in your car may save your life

Article Posted: 10/30/2017 04:40:22 PM

How the Powertac HERO is the Ultimate Emergency Flashlight

One of the most important items in your survival kit is a flashlight. Your family’s lives and yours may depend on your flashlight, so make sure you invest in a quality and dependable flashlight that will best meet your specific needs during a disaster.

Article Posted: 10/30/2017 04:19:25 PM

4 Reasons to Carry a Flashlight Everyday

We outline why it's important to carry a flashlight every day.

Article Posted: 10/30/2017 04:07:06 PM

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