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Why You Need Colored Flashlight Filters

The standard white light of premium flashlights may ideal in most situations, but did you know there are colored filters you can put over your flashlight to enhance your flashlight’s utility in certain applications? Each color as its own advantages and useful applications. If you already have a premium flashlight, a color filter might make your favorite flashlight even better.

How Colored Filters Can Help You:

Red Light Applications
The most common alternative color is a red filter and if you’re like me, you probably remember playing with the red filter of a G.I. flashlight when you were a kid. Red light is most often used to enhance, or rather, not harm night vision. If you’ve ever wondered, this is why your car’s taillights are red. It can take between 30-45 minutes for the rods in your eyes to fully adapt to night vision which is why protecting your night vision with a red light can be crucial in these applications:

  • Police and military units use the red light for night operations because it does not interfere with night vision technology and cannot easily be picked up by other people, especially over long distances. Red light cuts through smoke better than white light and with the exception of red lines or marks on maps and charts, it makes reading in low, or no, light possible.
  • Hunters use red light to walk early in the morning or late at night to avoid spooking game because it is not easily seen by game. Deer particularly have difficulty seeing red light.
  • Photographers use red light when doing night-time photography because it provides contrast while preserving the natural shadows developed by darkness.
  • Stargazers use red light to protect their night vision to maximize their viewing experience. This is why it is not polite to flash your headlights at a group of people looking through their telescopes.

Green Light Applications
Green light is used by hunters and fishermen because it is a very soft light that will not spook their prey. This makes it especially useful for spotting game or signaling your hunting partners. Green also does not attract insects like white or yellow light. Green light can only be seen when looking at the beam straight on and not from the side which makes it is useful in covert operations. It is also useful in smoke or fog filled environments. Green is also very popular for night time map reading.

Blue Light
A blue or violet light is also great for reading maps or other writing at night. Blue lights are used by hunters to the blood trail of a wounded animal because blue light can create a better contrast between blood and its surroundings.

If one of the applications above fits your lifestyle, why not try a color filter for your flashlight? Powertac offers colored filters for all of our tactical flashlights to ensure you have the ultimate lighting device in any application.


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