Powertac E9 - Compact LED Duty Light

Compact LED Duty Light

The Powertac E9 is a compact, yet extraordinarily powerful LED flashlight that outputs extreme levels of brightness. Designed with a CREE XM-L2 LED, the E9 is able to emit a remarkable 1020 lumens when in High mode. Measuring in at just over 5", the E9 is built from aero-grade aluminum alloy with a military grade hard-anodized finish, making it one of the lightest and most durable lights available, perfect for law enforcement officials and military employees. To select between the various illumination modes, just turn the light on using the tail switch, then tap the side switch to scroll through the modes.

Tactical Applications

Inside and out, every inch of the E9 is designed for optimal tactical application. The rugged aluminum light is covered with a raised diamond knurling that provides a secure grip even in inclement weather or while wearing gloves. The light's LED is surrounded by a crenulated bezel that can be used as a self defense tool or to break glass in emergency situations. The E9's dual tail switch makes it easy to switch between outputs and even allows for momentary activation for brief bursts of illumination.

Versatile Capabilities

This tactical flashlight is even offered as part of a weapon-mounting kit, which gives you a picatinny rail mount and remote pressure switch, allowing the light to be operated with hands-free mounting to your compatible firearm! Packed with brightness output, a durable design, and versatile features, there’s no better duty-driven flashlight you can carry with you anywhere than the Powertac E9. The E9 will also automatically memorize and enter the last mode used, so you always can depend on your preferred brightness range. And since the E9 is IPX-8 rated waterproof, you also don't have to worry if you happen to drop it in a puddle or it begins to rain.