Why Powertac?

Here's a few reasons how we're different:

  • We’re an American owned and operated company in North Carolina
  • We proudly stand by our products with an industry-leading lifetime warranty
  • We go above and beyond to serve you with our US-based customer service team which even includes answering direct messages on our website and social media
  • We have no tolerance for quality issues and will do whatever it takes to make it right for our customers or to prevent future problems
  • We design purpose-built tactical lights with true tactical features to perform in the toughest conditions of combat or law enforcement, not just for simple everyday use. We've even gone as far to sacrifice form over function to create a durable tool.
  • We’ve combined the three elements of tactical lights (solid reliability, cutting edge technology, and simple tactical interface) to make what we believe are the best tactical lights on the market. 
  • We’re trusted by law enforcement, first responders and military worldwide
  • We overbuild our lights for durability and safety because we know every day, police officers and soldiers are trusting their lives with our lights and we want to be able to go to sleep knowing we've done all we can to keep people safe.
  • We are constantly innovating by combining, cutting-edge technology and the expert advice of elite tactical professionals.
  • We maintain affordable prices by utilizing the advanced small electronics infrastructure from around the world
  • Our superior heat dissipation extends the runtime and means your light will get hot but not too hot to handle. 
  • Our aggressive knurling provides a sturdy grip in tactical scenarios where you may be wearing a glove or have a sweaty or bloody hand.
  • We are active voting members of PLATO (the industry trade association that determines the rating standards in the flashlight industry) so you can trust that the ratings we claim are accurate.