Before you submit a warranty claim:

Please consult our Troubleshooting Guide and check the following:

1. Was the paper tab removed? 

2. Is the battery installed correctly?  

3. Is the battery fully charged?

4. Are the threads on the tailcap dirty?

5. Is the tailcap tightened all the way?

6. Is the light set to a LOW mode?

Dear, Powertac Customer,


Please try the following steps to help troubleshoot your lights issues before sending it in to us. The same logic applies to all flashlights regardless of model:


If this basic maintenance does not correct the issue, please send light to our warranty department to help resolve the issue. Please include a small note with your contact info including the return address/phone number in case we need to reach you and a brief description of what type of issue the light is having. Please include your phone number as well as an e-mail address in case we need to contact you about your warranty repair. 

Send To:


3702 Alliance Drive 

Suite C

Greensboro NC 27407



Powertac Support