About Powertac Flashlights

Powertac is an American owned and operated company based in Greensboro North Carolina. We create premium tactical lights to withstand the toughest conditions of combat or law enforcement. We blended our American ingenuity, premium craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology to create a rugged, battle-tested tool to trust your life with.

Our lights are used by law enforcement and first responder agencies all over the world including the Israeli Defense Force, Israeli National Police, branches of the Secret Service and FBI, as well as hundreds of local law enforcement agencies across the US. We overbuild our lights for durability and safety because we know every day police officers and soldiers are trusting their lives with our lights and we want to be able to go to sleep knowing we've done all we can to keep people safe.

We want our lights to be on the cutting edge of flashlight technology and be truly tactical tools which is why we listen to our customers and are constantly improving our products. As a vertically integrated company, we manage every aspect of the business from product design to distribution through our talented manufacturing, marketing, distribution and Research & Development teams. We proudly stand by our products with the best no-hassle lifetime warranty in the industry and friendly US based customer service.

We’ve combined the three elements of tactical lights (solid reliability, cutting edge technology, and simple tactical interface) to make what we believe are the best tactical lights on the market. With industry-leading tactical features, our lights are built to serve you in the toughest conditions when you need it most. Since 2006, our mission has been to provide nothing short of the ultimate lighting device. 


Our Mission:

  1. Design purpose-built tactical lights with true tactical features to perform in the toughest conditions of combat or law enforcement
  2. Advance lifesaving standards in durability and safety with premium components and craftsmanship
  3. Constantly innovate by combining cutting-edge technology and the expert advice of elite tactical professionals
  4. Maintain affordable prices by utilizing the advanced small electronics infrastructure from around the world to manufacture our high-end lights
  5. Proudly stand by our products with our no-hassle lifetime warranty and friendly US based customer service

Our Vision:

To create the highest quality portable lighting devices that incorporate powerful and tactical features

Our Values:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation

Powertac History

Powertac began with the idea of changing the portable lighting industry forever. In 2006, our founder realized that there was a lack of focus in the industry to integrate modern flashlight technology with the necessary features and design elements that make a truly tactical lighting device. He felt the current products, technology, and quality was outdated and didn’t meet consumer expectations. Since his vision was to create the highest quality portable lighting devices that incorporated “powerful” and “tactical” features, the name “Powertac” was born.

The original headquarters was established in Raleigh North Carolina while our manufacturing facility was built in Shen Zhen China because it is the “small electronics capital of the world.” The supply-chain infrastructure combined with the world’s largest concentration of electrical engineers gives the city of Shen Zhen what economists call an “absolute advantage.” These advantages enabled us to offer our products to our customers at a more affordable price while maintaining consistent high quality manufacturing standards. We are different from the typical American company that manufactures in China because we don’t hire a factory to “white/ private label” our products. We own our factory so that we can control and maintain our high standards of quality. Our manufacturing employees in China and our office staff in the US are all treated fairly and taken care of like part of our family. All of our designs were developed from the expert advice of police officers, military personnel, extreme outdoorsmen, hunters, and everyday carry enthusiasts. We will never be “just a flashlight company.” Everything we do and every design feature is purpose driven to create a tool that will help a professional perform their job better, easier and maybe even safeguard their life.