Powertac and Panthera Offer Low-light Training for Law Enforcement and Military

Low-light Conditions Course

Panthera Training and Powertac Flashlights have partnered to offer a scenario-based, low-light training course designed for Law Enforcement Officers. This course helps develop the tactical skills needed to win a confrontation during low-light situations by removing any aggressor's cover of darkness. The course is demanding and will expose students to low-light situations, including vehicle and foot scenarios, search and locate situations, and entry work within the Panthera’s 6000 Square foot live-fire shoot house.

Course Goals

  • To appreciate the use of illumination tools as a force/control option.
  • To correctly use a flashlight and pistol in low-light environments.
  • To identify threats and targets in low-light environments.
  • To recognize lighting conditions and apply the correct principles or techniques.
  • To enhance low-light marksmanship.
  • To increase the probability of winning low-light close encounters.

        Topics Covered

        • Eyesight during low-light
        • Management of flashlights
        • Flashlight techniques
        • Firearm mounted lights
        • Backlighting
        • Night sights
        • Tactical use of light

        Flashlights Used During Training Scenarios

        The Powertac E9 1020 Lumen LED Flashlight is a compact, yet extremely powerful LED flashlight. This light is favored by Law Enforcement and military for its reliable power, durable construction, simple functionality, variable Illumination, instant strobe-mode button, and numerous accessory options.


        The Low-light training course commences at noon on the first day. The afternoon will be spent refreshing and enhancing combat marksmanship with tactical fluid movement. The evening will further develop low-light fundamentals, methods, use of barricades, target ID, and moving targets.

        The second day will start at noon and focus on advanced pistol drills deployed from a vehicle in preparation for the same drill, but in a low-light situation. Scenario difficulty will increase including: vehicle rollover in darkness, extraction, and identifying and engaging threats.

        The final morning will be spent in the fully-darkened Tactical Town simulation house where force on force scenarios will be undertaken.

        About Panthera Training

        Panthera Training provides elite, scenario-based tactical, aviation, and intelligence training and instruction for Defense Department, State Department, Federal Agency and Law Enforcement teams who operate in sensitive environments worldwide. To enable those teams to meet their mission goals and requirements, Panthera instructors are drawn from elite groups in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Federal Agencies. Panthera has conducted training for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, SOCOM, MARSOC, NECC, DoD Civilians, State Department, DIA, other federal agencies, contractor personnel, State and Municipal SWAT Teams and Law Enforcement, and Partner Nations. Panthera’s instructor cadre also has training and operational experience in Theater Security Cooperation (TSC), Security Force Assistance (SFA), and Foreign Internal Defense (FID) evolutions.

        About Powertac Flashlights

        Powertac manufactures premium flashlights with powerful and tactical features. Powertac’s goal is to provide a portable lighting device built to withstand mission-critical applications as well as the everyday use by customers.